Jobbydealer buys Paul Raymond!

Well I’ve not actually bought Paul Raymond what I’ve bought is the contents of their warehouses in France, London and the United States. When the new owners of PRP took over after the sad death of Paul Raymond they decided that the skin business was not for them so sold off the magazine titles.

However, the new owners had no use for the back stock so Jobbydealer bid for it and won! Yiphee 🙂

Along with the magazines we got the the printers proof copies, readers letters and polaroids and a whole host of really interesting stuff. I’m not sure if they wanted me to empty the office drawers but I thought they’d only skip it.

Anyway. So far we’ve had delivered around 10,000 mags with a whole load more to come. In magazine terms this is a treasure trove of brilliant stuff.

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07 2011

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