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Escort Body Art Shoot – Outtakes

Outtake from Escort 10 02

Pat Wynn 1990 Escort

Escort V10 No2
The girls from Body Art
esc1002- Pat Wynn

Pat Wynn aka Auntie Jayne

Auntie Jayne lines up with some famous friends including Debbie Jordan, Donna Ambrose, Sharon Day, Tracy Gibb and cover girl for this 1990 February issue of Escort Millie Minchen.

These images are the outtakes never used in the magazine with Pat holding centre stage. Pat was a long standing regular model for Escort through the 1980’s beginning in Escort volume 1 number 7 as the new agony aunt helping readers who wrote in with their sexual problems.

When Auntie Jayne appeared in the magazine she was generally surrounded by 4 of her friends whose common feature was big natural tits.

Nick Gorgol was the lensman for the shoot entitled ‘Auntie and the big 5’ when actually there were 6 girls plus Pat.

Inside the magazine on page 10 and 11 Nev Player used some outtake shots and the shot of the girl with the smiling lips and pipe on her body but no face belongs to Donna Ambrose, who is still modeling today.


08 2011

Joanie Allum

French ClubIf you’re 40 to 50 years old and the name Joanie Allum doesn’t ring a bell then go and pick up your favourite shots from Mayfair, Men’s World, Men Only, Club Pour Homme, Club USA, Genesis, blah blah blah – and look who took the pictures – Joanie Allum!!!!!

Joanie began as a model being shot by her husband John Allum and eventually ended up behind the camera. What happened was, John was tied up one day and said to Joanie, who was doing the make up at the time, you’ll have to take the shots; the rest is history.

Carla Fernandez – discovered by Joanie
Kirsty Birkett – Joanie
Linda Lusardi – Joanie (at a bus stop in London!)

The list is endless, as a matter of fact the US versions of Club and Men Only at the golden period might as well have been called Joanies Girls because she shot them all. It got so bad the magazines even started making up names so that the punters didn’t catch on that one person was taking all the shots.

She’s got a website where you can buy all the shots that the magazines couldn’t print; and there’s thousands of them.



07 2010

What do you call her?

One of the biggest problems we suffer with at jobbydealer is what do we call a model when we’re listing her as appearing in a magazine. Two great example would be Toni Kessering and Carla Fernandez.

Both these girls are highly collectable and well known but dependent on which magazine you buy you may know them by different names.

Toni Kessering is regularly called Titanic Toni or Toni Francis and Carla is also well know as April Stevens as that’s how she appeared in her first couple of Shoots in the UK edition of Club International; I think the tog was Ralph Medland.

To combat this problem we’ve developed a piece of code (it doesn’t work for every girl) so that if you type in Toni Francis to our search box on the site the computer will look for all the options we have for that name. That means that if we’ve got the girl listed as Toni Kessering and you type Toni Francis the computer will still find a match.

The main culprits for calling girls every name under the sun are Fiesta because Ross, the editor as a matter of course took it upon himself to call each girl a different name – even if she she appeared in two different sets in the same magazine!

If you’re looking for a certain girl but can’t seem to find her, even after using the search box on the site, then send us an email with a clear pic of her face and what name you have for her and we’ll see what we can do to help you.


07 2010