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Readers Letters! True or False

Paul Raymond Escort 1995 May


Now, if like me you enjoyed the pictures and the story that the so called hubby has sent in to Escort to get his wife’s pix printed for all to see, but knew all along that they were all made up; think again!

Over the last 2 years we’ve been emptying the warehouses of Paul Raymond and believe me its a big job laced with plenty of surprises.

Today, as I’m breaking a box I notice a sticker on the front of the magazine with the photographers details (this cover was by Nick Gurgul), the price paid for the shoot and the models real name.

Now, as it turns out Nick Gurgul is really called Nick Gurgul which I always believed to be a made up name. The prices for the photo shoots vary widely and I’ll report on those on a later post because what I want to do here is, taking this issue of Escort from May 95 run through those readers wives with the letters and photos.

The letters for this issue start on page 8, which is really page 3 but Escort always counted the fold out cover as separate pages so 3 is 8.

Anyway, Mr M and his wife Sarah, really exist and they did live in Bedford. The magazine story tells us how Mr M’s wife had a 3 some with John, the star of their local pub football team. The pub’s listed in the Bedford area but Escort wisely left out the name.

Andy and his wife Clare where from Eastbourne and the the accountancy dept of PRP sent them a cheque for £50.

On the same page is Karen’s story and although I can read the unedited version she must have made this up anyway, she got a whopping £125.

On page 16 of this issue is an interview entitled The Bonk Job, however this it turns out was written by a professional writer named Roy Dunn who got £300 for his trouble. Actually, £300 for a story in 1995 is a bloody good days work as of writing that’s 16 years ago. The mag had to pay extra for the images that go along with the story, with the tog being Mr Gurgul – again!

The DIY set in this months issue is made up and it wasn’t sent in by Tim and his girlfriend Sarah, it was shot by my old mate Paul Rivers who has a studio just down the road from my office. I know that because the accounts department have listed him as receiving a cheque for £150 but to make amends Escort did use the real name for the girl as they list that in their accounting notes.

The cartoon on page 22 was by Peter Nutley and to be honest its the first time I’ve ever noticed that Escort did cartoons. The interesting thing is though that the toon depicts a barber shaving the word ‘twat’ into the back of a customers head and it got me thinking if people had started doing that in real life back in 95 or did Escort by publishing this cartoon actually start a trend?

The amateur girl on page 28 never got paid and if she’s reading this post then I can tell you that they could not read your name and address, all they know is that you weren’t from West London but Poland.

And so it goes on. Some other notables are that Agnes from Peterborogh is really Mary from Poland. I’ll be Googling mapping Chrisie from Manchester as she’s just down the road and Jenny the girl who Escort said had sent in a home video, really did, got paid £100 and guess who filmed her – Gurgul!


07 2011

Now I know I’m famous!

If you’re buying the latest issues of Men Only then you’ll see that they’re running a series in each issue for their anniversary year. Each month the editor of Men Only (that’s the guy who sits on the left side of God, the editor of Mayfair sits on the right!) calls me up on the phone and says “Hi Alec, can you supply me with xy & z”.

When I’m not sure it I’ve got the magazine in stock I ask if I can ring him back and he says; of course here’s my DIRECT number.

Am I name dropping – you’re fucking dead right!


07 2010

Paul Raymond under threat

Around August 2009 the Paul Raymond Group sold their adult titles to Trojan Publishing. The titles included Mayfair, Club International, Men Only, Men’s World, Escort, Just Girls and Razzle.

The adult trade press is reporting as of July 2010 that some of the companies involved with Trojan have gone into liquidation which puts the distribution of the titles in jeopardy.

I don’t think this is the end of the publishing of these titles because they account for a huge percentage of the UK retail market and it won’t effect the USA arm of Paul Raymond as that was sold to a different publishing group.

If anyone has trouble getting their latest issues of these magazines then give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do.


07 2010