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April 1992 – Top Shelf

Top shelf from April 1992

UK top shelf magazines 1992

I was going through some magazines the other day and happened to notice that two of the magazines I’d got in my hand were from April 1992 so I thought – I wonder what else was on the top shelf for that same month, 19 years ago.

I suppose the reason why it came to mind is because one of the mags that got me thinking this was the Escort volume 12 number 4 with a Linda Leigh front cover. I can remember that cover catching my eye in a Warrington newsagents.

Anyway. The Escort cover as mentioned is Linda Leigh, the Mayfair is Nicole Simmonds, Club is Kim Wetherby and Melanie Woods, Men Only is Debbie Jackson,  Mens World (which at the time was only in its fourth year) was Kirsten Imrie, Knave was Marilyn Peters, Fiesta was a second helping of Kim and the Razzle was Tina Moore.

Every cover girl from that top shelf back then you thought you knew and everyone of them was a glamour model and not like todays plastic blondes that seem to get every cover.

It’ll come as no surprise that magazines from 92 are massive movers at jobby we sell loads of them and I suppose when I looked at this top shelf I can see why.

Enjoy the memory.



07 2011

Carol Heaps

Carol Heap covergirl 1986 Escort Volume 8This was my magazine of choice when I was a lad and boy do I remember this cover of Carol Heaps. The foldout cover has Carol Inside pulling her panties to the side this is an absolute cracker of a set. In my opinion Escort had the best series of covers and they started to get it right at volume 7 but by volume 8 every one was a winner and they carried on right through until the end of volume 13.

Take a look through the Escort covers from around 1986 and onwards and just look how many get that girl next door look bang on.


08 2010

Come on big boy!

Escort magazine 1986 Debbie Jordan smiling at you, with her tits hidden by folded arms and showing you her white panty gusset, the cheeky grin asks, do you like this? Escort from this period had it bang off with the cover shots just look at issue one from this volume with Carol Heaps teasing you.

This shot of Debbie from volume 8 number 6 encapsulates the method that the adult togs had in caputring normal birds in naughty poses.

At this stage Escort still had a fold out cover which meant that when you looked at Debbie you could also get a snapshot of 3 thumbnails of who was inside. Forgetting for the moment that the centre thumbnail was Donna Ambrose if you look at the bottom pic of the girl in the black dress you need to see the pix of her in the magazine with her bent over in a black stretch dress with all her pubes hanging out from each side of her panty line, this is boner heaven.


07 2010